Rebrand The Land: A Captivating Guide Brings Visitors to Cleveland

Destination Cleveland embarked on a rebranding journey and entrusted the creation of their new Official Visitors Guide to our skilled design team. With an innovative approach, our team crafted visually striking templates, master pages, and a cohesive designs for the over 100-page guide. Collaborating closely with the printer, we ensured a seamless transition from design to production, delivering a compelling guide that resonated with visitors and garnered praise for its exceptional quality and usefulness in showcasing the best of Cleveland.

Destination Cleveland Official Visitors Guide

The Challenge

Destination Cleveland underwent a comprehensive rebranding initiative, necessitating the creation of new design guidelines and templates for their Official Visitors Guide. They required a skilled design team to seamlessly transition the project from conceptualization to production.


Content Marketing, Graphic Design


Our Approach

Our team meticulously designed sample page templates and developed cohesive master pages, typography styles, and graphic elements for the guide.

Upon receiving approval, we proceeded to lay out the guide, strategically placing advertisements, listings, and compelling stories.

Throughout the process, we maintained close collaboration with the publication manager and printer, ensuring a smooth transition to the production phase for the over 100-page document.

Having partnered with Destination Cleveland since 2008 on the design and production of their Official Visitors Guide, we were thrilled to play a pivotal role in their rebranding efforts.

The Results

Destination Cleveland expressed immense satisfaction with the guide’s design and our ability to deliver this large-scale project within the allotted timeframe, ensuring its timely distribution to visitor centers, airports, and prospective travelers.

The guide garnered positive feedback from readers, who found it invaluable in enhancing their Cleveland experience and making the most of their visit.

“I had the opportunity to work with Lori for the very first time on our Cleveland Plus 2008 Spring/Summer Official Visitors Guide. Lori brought professionalism, attention to detail and talented design skills to the project. She worked seamlessly with myself and my creative director and was able to take our design concept and execute it from start to finish. The publication turned out to be a big hit with people saying it is the best Cleveland Visitors Guide published to date.”

Mark Schutte

Mark Schutte | Destination Cleveland