Breathing New Life and Garnering More Support for Justice for Jun

Justice for Jun has been a great cause, without a website to call home, for over five years.

Justice for Jun Garnering More Support With An Updated Website

The Challenge

Jun’s legal fight against racial discrimination has been a righteous cause for over five years — but one without an online home. In the past, supporters of Jun have resorted to other websites or crowdfunding platforms, lacking a central place for people to learn about the case and support it. Furthermore, as the supporters of Jun were looking to galvanize more organizations and individuals to stand behind him, they believed a professional-looking website would mirror the strengths of the case and the extraordinary support it has received, from the unopposed expert witnesses to the 14 friends of the court which filed three amicus briefs backing the case.


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Our Approach

At LaBella Creative, we quickly developed a palette of colors for the site and a logo that reflected the tone of this fight against injustice. We leveraged the visuals — from photos to logos of supporting organizations — to create impactful, user-friendly layouts that enhanced and complemented the powerful story of Jun’s cause. Highly visible red buttons set against the navy blue background were used to call people to “Donate Now” and “Subscribe”, in an effort to draw more people to act to support and follow the cause. The Donate page integrates a donation form as well as QR codes to accommodate supporters from around the globe. A News section was added so Justice for Jun could keep its supporters updated on the latest about the case, with postings powered by the easy-to-use WordPress platform.

LaBella Creative also provided a hosting solution that allowed the site to load quickly all around the world, regardless of whether a supporter was accessing it in San Francisco or Shanghai, and did additional optimization to ensure it could reach supporters based in China.

The Results

LaBella Creative’s efforts have helped realize the cause of Justice for Jun by having a bonafide, professional presence online. The cause has been able to receive more ongoing donations from around the world, significantly boosting donation rates compared to previous funding efforts. Justice for Jun has been able to solicit more support and spread the word about the importance of the case, thanks to the website.

“Having such a professional looking website for the cause has been life-changing and indispensable to our efforts. The website has elevated Justice for Jun to a new level, breathing new life into the cause, and allowed us to garner more support and raise more awareness. LaBella Creative was so easy to work with, quickly understood the vision we had, and translated it into the website of our dreams with a highly professional approach. Working with LaBella Creative was one of the best decisions we’ve made.”


Jocelyn Eikenburg | Co-founder, Justice for Jun

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