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Is Your Website Leaving Money on the Table?

If you're a business owner, you've likely invested time and resources into creating a website for your company.

But is your website working as hard as it should be to bring in new leads and customers daily?

A Pretty Face Isn’t Enough

Many websites look good and have wording that sounds good.

From the surface, you have a professional-looking website that even garners praise from your peers.

Your website lists your services and includes your branding, stunning photos, your mission, values, and more.

But is your website bringing you new business or basically just a flashy online brochure?

Nobody Puts Your Website in the Corner

Your Website In a Corner WIthout Optimized Website Content and SEO

If your website is just sitting there looking pretty with no real action taking place.

It’s like putting Baby in the corner in the movie Dirty Dancing when she can dance.

But just like Baby, your website shouldn't be hiding in the corner of the internet.

Don’t Be Disappointed, Your Website Can Dance Too

I know this can be disappointing after investing so much into your website — but your website can dance too.

With some content tweaks, your website can become a lead-generating machine that's no longer hidden in the corner of the internet.

It's possible to have website content that not only engages your audience but also ranks on search engines.

Let’s Make Your Website Work for Your Business

Your website can work for you to bring in new leads and customers daily.

If it's not already doing that, then let's talk.

On a quick call, we can identify messaging gaps that are keeping you from attracting and converting your ideal clients online.

Ready to Take Your Website Out of the Corner?

Your Website Soaring with Engaging Content Marketing and SEO

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Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Read what our satisfied clients have to say about how we've helped them achieve their website and content marketing goals.

Griffin Ralston

“Lori has done a great job handling our graphic design and content needs.

She is attentive, careful, responsive and creative in her handling of the design of catalogs, manuals, magazine articles, publications as well as illustrations for web and print.

We have been working together for many years and she is proactive about deadlines and ensures that content is submitted on time.

I would highly recommend Lori for any content needs.”

Griffin Ralston

CEO, Ralston Instruments Inc.
Scot Rogers

I have been working with Lori for about a year and a half and she has been amazing!

She promised leads from the beginning and delivered.

She continuously looks for ways to improve the quality of the leads, keeps me updated on the progress and effectiveness of the ads and campaigns, helps me come up with ideas for marketing my detailing business or takes my ideas and runs with them.

She is also flexible in working with my CRM program and coordinating with my business coach creating efficiency in my marketing efforts.

Lori helped me achieve a 40% increase in sales and double my ceramic coating sales last year.

I look forward to working with Lori this next year and years to come.”

Scot Rogers

Owner of Finishing Touch Detail
Karen Oeser Email Marketing Testimonial

I can't speak highly enough of Lori and her expertise in crafting compelling email strategies. 

Her approach goes beyond mere marketing tactics – it's about truly understanding your ideal client's aspirations through empathy.

Lori's guidance in optimizing email sequences ensures maximum impact and engagement. 

Earlier this year, I enrolled in her free “Compassionate Copywriting Email Course” and immediately applied her teachings to my email sequences. 

The impact was instant, with a noticeable increase in my open and response rates.

If you're in search of a coach who truly comprehends the power of empathy-driven email marketing, Lori is your go-to. 

Invest in her expertise today and watch your connection with your audience deepen like never before.

Karen Oeser, CFA

Principal, East Light Investments

“Lori has the unique ability to take concepts developed by engineers and technical team members and develop literature that easily conveys the products intended use in an easy to understand format.

Working with Lori on State Industrial Products One Solution product line was a great experience.

She was dedicated, hardworking, and always developed a good solution on time.

I will continue to use Lori’s expertise as often as possible to develop brochures and product labels.”

Tim Gale

Manufacturing Manager, State Industrial Products

“Having such a professional looking website for the cause has been life-changing and indispensable to our efforts.

The website has elevated Justice for Jun to a new level, breathing new life into the cause, and allowed us to garner more support and raise more awareness.

Lori was so easy to work with, quickly understood the vision we had, and translated it into the website of our dreams with a highly professional approach.

Working with Lori was one of the best decisions we’ve made.”

Jocelyn Eikenburg

Co-founder, Justice for Jun
Erin Giddings

“Lori is the type of designer every creative manager dreams of. She asks the right questions and offers innovative solutions. Her work speaks for itself in both quality and creativity.”

Erin Giddings

Art Director, Art of Beauty (Makers of Zoya and Qtica)
Mark Schutte

“I had the opportunity to work with Lori for the very first time on our Cleveland Plus 2008 Spring/Summer Official Visitors Guide.

Lori brought professionalism, attention to detail and talented design skills to the project.

She worked seamlessly with myself and my creative director and was able to take our design concept and execute it from start to finish.

The publication turned out to be a big hit with people saying it is the best Cleveland Visitors Guide published to date.”

Mark Schutte

Publications Manager, Destination Cleveland
Anne Vidmar

“WellCorp has utilized Lori’s talents in a contract designer capacity many times.

Her strengths as a designer lie in her ability to take what the client is asking for and translate that into final artwork that is thoughtful, creative, consistent and always contains high attention to detail.

She is professional, easy to work with and incredibly talented. She is constantly mindful of meeting deadlines, staying within budget and being as error-free as possible.

Working with Lori is a pain- and worry-free experience.”

Anne Vidmar

Senior Graphic Designer, Nationwide Better Health (formerly WellCorp)
Erin Giddings

“I really appreciate your professionalism and ownership of your projects. It is very hard to find good designers that are able to see the ‘big picture’ and you are definitely one who does.”

Erin Giddings

Art Director, Art of Beauty (Makers of Zoya and Qtica)
Mark Becka

“Lori is very precise in her work. She always finished her work on time and when she finished a project it was exactly what we wanted done.”

Mark Becka

Product Manager, State Industrial Products
Betsy Muller

“Lori and I met through My Women’s Business Network.

She is very professional and her design examples on her web site are stunning.

Lori recently submitted a proposal for a graphics project I was coordinating for an international non-profit organization.

Her submission was thorough and complete. Her price was fair.

My husband, who is a Marketing Director and former Art Director commented that Lori’s work was top notch.

I will keep her on my short list for future design projects and look forward to introducing her to other business owners I know.”

Betsy Bartter Muller

Owner/President, The Indigo Connection

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